Ojo, product & brand design
Ojo is a mobile bike sharing company that simplifies the bike booking process for busy urban people. I completed this project as a seven-day design challenge, which included coming up with the company name, designing a brand identity, creating a web landing page, and designing the booking experience on a mobile app.
Tesla Home
Tesla Solar Roof, Solar Tile, Hail Gun Test
Tesla, Various Web Pages
Tesla Solar Roof, Product & Configurator Page
Tesla Price Calculator UI
Green To Go
Green To Go is a web and mobile app that delivers cannabis products at the buyers' location, providing the orders from nearby dispensaries. Using existing photography, I was responsible for the iconography, typography, brand identity (including the logo animation), and the entire user interface of the app and ​website. It was one of the smallest but most efficient teams I've ever worked with.
GigSurf is a community that gives paid side gigs to kitchen and hospitality professionals. GigSurf procures personality-matched staff (like Match.com) with the instancy of Uber for business and residential events. Without a middle man or staffing agency to rely on, GigSurfers make double their normal income by being connected directly to work providers. As the UI Designer & Art Director of the project, I was asked to be involved in all of the aspects of creating the product, including brand identity, iconography, page navigations, and overall look, working with the CEO, and within the few weeks of a timeframe, we finalized it as seen below.
Some examples of brand identity design projects I have worked on over the course of the last decade.
Tesla, Social Media
Tesla Collateral
Jirav is a financial planning and analytics app works through cloud. It connects your operational and financial data to let you easily explore historical operations and accurately forecast your bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows. I was asked to design Jirav's brand identity and its holistic online presence. I had a great chance to tackle with all of the aspects of the project, including the brand identity, web site illustrations, iconography, layout, and typography.
Tesla, Global Email Guidelines
42 Maslak Launch Campaign
"42 Maslak" ¹ is a high-rise project in Istanbul developed by the British architectural design office, Chapman Taylor and integrated with the concept of modern art² throughout its composition. After raising a high demand from the niche target through its unique concept, 42 Maslak now owns the approach of “art” in the industry and enhances it with other services such as artfulliving.com.tr.³ The work below is the first print/outdoor ad campaign pieces that I came up with following the starting date of its property sales.
Tesla Apparel
SolarCity, New Look
SolarCity was known as one of the most reachable solar brands. Customer surveys illustrated that it didn't depict a premium brand picture. Following the quarter I joined, we received a request from our executives to elevate the positioning of the brand, starting from its main communication channel, web banners. I worked on a variety of new options and the directions. Soon after below project was chosen as the new visual communication language, the leadership decided a more fundamental change, merging two companies Tesla and SolarCity entirely, so the work below did not end up being launched.
BMW After Sales
Press campaign for BMW After Sales, announcing that now the original spare parts are on sale.
SolarCity, Display Posters
After I started working at SolarCity, one of the first the projects we worked on was to improve the company's visual perception in sales from an aggressive marketing to a little smoother premium brand. I was asked to create a poster & online banner campaign and we came up with the concept below.
Jingle Jackson
Jingle Jackson is a leading music production company which has a music expertise on TV commercials, radio advertisements and other advertising mediums. The company makes use of Michael Jackson's legacy on their name claiming the best one at its field. I designed on their brand identity needs including logotype. The one in use here is one of the five other options that I suggested.
Palladium Tower Posters
Press campaign for an office building targeted domestic and foreign investors. The campaign aimed to draw more interest from potential investors by announcing that the construction had started.
Mini Tram
To convey the message "More People, More Mini", we transformed most traditional public transport vehicle in Istanbul, the famous tram to MINI Countryman and surprised people with free rides for a whole day.
Pixel letters
Pixeletter was my college graduation project. It is a text 'limning generator' that combines text input with images, by perceiving each letter as a pixel in the picture. It treats the letters as pixels, so as the amount of the text input increases, so do the amount of pixels, and the details in the overall image increase. The text can be any length, and the details of the image continue increasing infinitely as more text is added. The generator uses an algorithm that perceives the characters with vertically sliced invisible segments. In order to encapsulate each character into a pixel container, it adds a certain number of predetermined segments on the left and right sides of the vector character. The number of segments is given based on the optical shape of the character. For example, due to the pyramidal shape of the letter A, it gets the least number of segments while the letter "I" gets more segments due to its solid rectangular shape so it is surrounded by enough space to be perceived as the letter "I", optically. In order to illustrate this system, I applied it to two of the most commonly found fonts, Helvetica and Times New Roman. To illustrate the algorithm's adaptability to any font, I designed a new character set for this project named “Pixelized". I also designed wireframes for an interface that allowed the user to input text, upload images, and transform the composition with some Photoshop-like capabilities. In the end, I finally created a prototype of the software that only worked with mono-space fonts, which can be seen in a demonstration at the bottom of the page.
Unapproachable Series
MAGMA, VENÜS, İZ* Bottle designs for a local wine manufacturer in Denizli (western Turkey). The exclusive grapes are known as "Çalkarası" are harvested around the unique volcanic mountain and vinified locally based. Each Art Director at TBWA Istanbul were asked to come up with a unique series of names and label designs for the wine. My idea was to create a series of bottles that were inspired by unapproachably hot, but physically close places we know of. The magma layer, since the grapes were harvested around a volcano, the very hot planet Venus, which is the closest one to Earth, and resonating waves on another bottle which was inspired by the vibrating essence of Universe, electromagnetic waves in red.
Poster Design for the first Istanbul Design Biennale
Designing the poster for the first International Istanbul Design Biennale is one of the projects which I am most proud of. The theme of the biennial was “Imperfection”, and the goal was to design a poster as loud and clear as possible. I was also asked to create a typographically modular system for the messaging so it would allow us to adapt the composition on a variety of mediums with different aspect ratios. Another point I needed to come up with a metaphorical solution for was how to visualize this simple message in a way where it could depict the meaning of the very intricate and complex character of Istanbul. After creating many unique versions, I came up with the poster below. The committee loved it and ultimately, it was used in a wide range of mediums around Europe.
Artful Living, holistic campaign concept for 42 Maslak
The 42 Maslak office and residence complex in Istanbul needed a comprehensive campaign, depicting their differences as a unique project for refined tastes. At TBWA Istanbul, we started off the campaign with an invitation design that was created with the concept of Artful Living which was envisioned by myself. Once the concept was formed, it opened up an entirely new creativity door for us, with unfolding ideas, like colorful construction sites, splashing paints from steel bar cutting saws, etc. This strategy for the whole client experience brought us international accolades, including the 3rd place at Global TBWA Disruption Awards in the agency's internal network out of more than a hundred countries, competing with the brands such as Skittles and Adidas. After all, we had to create the case study video below encapsulating the project under my art direction, which also included creating the illustration world, the campaign logo, typography, editorial narrative, and ​a display font design.
Selpak Paper Towels
TV Commercial to raise awareness of using paper towels in the bathroom for the most well-known paper towels brand Selpak.
For the love of Typography
A few selected typographical posters that I've created over the past years.
Selected posters.
Some of the selected poster work I have done over the past decade all of which were printed / used by the clients.
TV Commercial for the modern art exhibition: Neighbours
Istanbul Modern aka Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, presented 'Neighbours' which means 'Komşular' in Turkish - an exhibition that investigated contemporary art practices in Turkey and the surrounding region. The exhibition brought together artists from neighboring geographies that have historical, political, and cultural ties with Turkey including the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East, etc. Our client, Istanbul Modern, requested a TV commercial, made out of the exhibition's poster which was designed​ by the forerunner designer Bülent Erkmen. We utilized the poster in a simplistic solution, animating and recreating it in 3D animation and forming the typographical poster at the end of the film.
Any Perk Interactive E-Book
An interactive e-book for Any Perk which works on providing incentive bonuses for any company's employees to be circulated among their clients.
During the first Istanbul Design Biennale that had the theme of "Imperfection", selected designers were asked for their interpretation of the event's subject for a specific exhibition, curated as a part of the Biennale. I was honored to be chosen as one of the designers, and my depiction of "Imperfection" was the poster I produced below, which portrayed one of Marilyn​ Monroe's quotes that made perfect sense for what the people in Istanbul usually have in mind as a common perception for the city: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring."
Art Direction in Photo Shoots
Selected photo shoots that I art directed through my career in creative industries.
Selpak Tissues
TV Commercial series for the lead tissue brand Selpak, whose primary product, small packages of tissues, has become the synonymous word for tissues in Turkish. Consumers refer to a​ny small package of tissues as "Selpak" ever since it came out decades ago. My role in this project was to come up with the narrative idea and to research & study the illustration style of the films, moving forward, which could also become the illustration language of the brand. I did extensive research, categorizing the illustration world of known brands based on their abstractness, we then decided on the style below, and found the right illustration and character animation artists.
TBWA Istanbul, Building Book
A special book design for TBWA Istanbul's new office. The book was created to highlight some of the distinctive features of the architecture at the new office which everyone in the industry was talking about. Since the office was initially a shopping mall that was explicitly renovated for our agency (including three movie theatre in it), it was the most specious and contemporary office environment I've been. We created the book to make our clients familiar with the glory of our workplace and distill the effort behind it into a permanent edition. My role in this project was first to art direct the incredible architectural photographer we hired, create the best imagery and design-finalize the book. We also created a time-lapse video, showing the interior of the building in more detail that could be viewed via the QR code at the end of the book.
Movie Ticket Business Cards
Business card design for the Istanbul Independent Film Festival crew that was​ printed as ticket stubs in various colors.
A set of t-shirts and notebook design that refers to the countries’ political reputation and how they are perceived internationally. We came up with this brand idea with my copywriter partner Ali Algür in 2006, and actually produced the apparel and sold quite a few hundreds of them at our design shop neighbor store. Zeynep, who owned the store originally requested us to create a unique product to display at her store, and we came up with the entire idea below. Later on, it was acclaimed with the Best Tshirt Design Award by The Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers, GMK.
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