I worked individually alongside the VP of Marketing Design to create the hero videos of the Tesla Solar Roof product page, while leading the design of the product marketing page. On these videos, we aimed at visually demonstrating the durability of the photovoltaic shingle tiles, testing them with a hail gun that shot two-inch ice balls straight at the tiles at 50 psi power over 100 mph. For this project, we collaborated with the optics engineering team, and had great opportunities to creatively repurpose their equipment like 2500 fps high-speed cameras and special lighting systems that are used for crash-testing Tesla cars.
We needed a range of homes to communicate the Tesla product range in various mediums. The creation of these assets were challenging by nature since each of these products, such as a car, an exterior of a building, or a wall-mounted product, would normally be created on their own within their immediate surrounding, without incorporating all of those into one. Because of this challenge, we decided to create the entire scene in 3D environment, and hired a vendor in Germany. In this project, I was responsible for sketching out the overall design, researching the right architecture for each American home styles, and art directing each step of the creation, working closely with industrial designers. Below samples are from one of the several homes we created during this exercise. 
One of the goals we wanted to achieve in this version was to create an animation that can clearly communicate the invisibility of the PV panels inside the shingles from the street level. While doing this, we also wanted to exhibit the ecosystem in day and night for a complete ecosystem emphasis.
Some of the home designs I studied to fully understand what an American modern home is and how we can re-construct this style on a specific layout that can display at least one Tesla car,  a couple of Powerwalls, a Wall Connector that's charging the car, and the Solar Roof itself. 
Below are a couple of selected rendering samples from the creation process in chronological order.

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