During the first Istanbul Design Biennale that had the theme of "Imperfection", selected designers were asked for their interpretation of the event's subject for a specific exhibition, curated as a part of the Biennale. I was honored to be chosen as one of the designers, and my depiction of "Imperfection" was the poster I produced below, which portrayed one of Marilyn​ Monroe's quotes that made perfect sense for what the people in Istanbul usually have in mind as a common perception for the city: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring."
Designing the main poster for the first Istanbul Design Biennale was an impactful privilege for my career. 
As Istanbul harbors some of the greatest historical, cultural and city planning intricacies in the world, the theme "Imperfection" was chosen purposefully by the biennale's curators. The goal on its poster was to announce the event and the theme Imperfection as loud and clear as possible, which also required another solution for carrying the message on various mediums with a modular system, so it would allow us to recreate the same artwork for any aspect ratio, quickly. In the end of a long process, I came up with the solution below and everybody agreed
The video below shows the design process I went through creating this poster. It includes more than a hundred iterations and various design concepts, like using celebrity impersonators from casting agencies around Istanbul as the imperfect subjects on the poster, or creating the typography out of 3D materials that are commonly used in design objects. 
Exhibition posters

I also created posters for the two main subdivisions that exhibited design pieces from the participants based on the two additional themes that were expositions of imperfection: Adhocracy and Musibet (Calamity), aiming to underprop the overarching question "Imperfection" in relation to the irregular city planning history of Istanbul and the impacts to its residents.
Poster design for my niece’s first birthday who was born in the UK to multilingual parents. I had it printed on a Quad Crown sized high-grade paper in London and sent to their address.

42 Maslak Launch Campaign
"42 Maslak" ¹ is a high-rise project in Istanbul developed by the British architectural design office, Chapman Taylor and integrated with the concept of modern art throughout its composition. After raising a high demand from the niche target through its unique concept, 42 Maslak now owns the approach of “art” in the industry and enhances it with other services such as artfulliving.com.tr.² Artful Living is a unique brand positioning that we created at TBWA Istanbul, under my art direction, differentiates the complex from other conventional projects in the industry, advocating art and design. 
1. 42 Maslak is a high-quality working and living environment situated in the financial district of Maslak, Istanbul. It consists of two 42-storey towers (total height of 150m), a 5-star hotel, residential units, 57,000m²  office area, shopping, swimming, and other social facilities.
2. Artfulliving.com.tr became a well-regarded art news portal in Turkish contemporary art society in a year, and rece
Copywriter: Cagri Uluc Kabatas, Evren Dograr
Concept, Typography: Kaan Beyhan
Art Director: Kaan Beyhan
Creative Director: Ilkay Gurpinar
Brand Team: Seda Seker, Güler Balta
Client: 42 Maslak Apartments, Bay Construction
Photography: Emre Guven, P Block Photo Production
Agency: TBWA Istanbul
A typographical poster design for International İstanbul Film Festival and its implementations across other mediums. 
This project received multiple awards below by Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers (GMK)
- Best Typography awarded by Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers (GMK)
- Best Poster Design awarded by GMK
- Best Using Outdoor Design awarded by GMK
- Best Cultural & Social Poster Design awarded by GMK
- Special award of Bikem Özsunay Foundation
Poster for International Istanbul Film Festival’s
sneak preview activity.

After party’s poster for Daftpunk’s Electroma

Poster design for the annual electronic music festival in Istanbul named Phonem, sponsored by Miller. This project included my first photo shooting experience as an intern at Y&R Istanbul in the summer of 2004. The Sr Art Director I worked with Serkan Tunc came up with the headphones idea, and I was responsible for the layout & typography,
Logotype and a first concert poster design for the music band Mechanical Turk that is comprised of Turkish engineers in Silicon Valley.
Concept, Typography, Design: Kaan Beyhan
3D Rendering: Ahmet Arif Eken
Chalkboard poster Typography about Match’s history. (Kibrit: Match in Turkish)

Poster campaign for BMW's electric car family, i Series. My role on this was to come up with the idea with my copywriter partner, Bilgin Aydın and implement the illustrator on the poster.
"BMW drive-in theatre" (BMW Açıkhava Sineması)
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