Poster design for my niece’s first birthday who was born in the UK to multilingual parents. I had it printed on a Quad Crown sized high-grade paper in London and sent to their address.
Birthday party mailing and poster designs for one of my client's boss.

Chalkboard Typography about Match’s history. (Kibrit: Match in Turkish)

Poster for International Istanbul Film Festival’s
sneak preview activity.

A typographical poster design for International İstanbul Film Festival and its implementations across other mediums. 
This project received multiple awards below by Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers (GMK)
- Best Typography awarded by Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers (GMK)
- Best Poster Design awarded by GMK
- Best Using Outdoor Design awarded by GMK
- Best Cultural & Social Poster Design awarded by GMK
- Special award of Bikem Özsunay Foundation
After party’s poster for Daftpunk’s Electroma

Poster design for the annual electronic music festival in Istanbul named Phonem, sponsored by Miller. This project included my first photo shooting experience as an intern at Y&R Istanbul in the summer of 2004. The Sr Art Director I worked with Serkan Tunc came up with the headphones idea, and I was responsible for the layout & typography,
Poster campaign for BMW's electric family, i Series. The shapes on the posters were made out of the actual map routes, metaphorically illustrating lightening bolts. The idea behind it is that BMW electric cars take you to your destination as fast as a lightening bolt. I created these, collaborating with my copywriter partner Bilgin Aydın and once we came up with the idea, I worked on the illustrations about two days and we pitched them to our client.
Concept, Typography, Design: Kaan Beyhan
3D Rendering: Ahmet Arif Eken
"Freedom" campaign for the newspaper "Freedom".
An online campaign pitch for the most circulated Turkish newspaper "Hürriyet", which means "freedom" in English. The campaign aimed to defend the rights of oppressed communities, emphasizing their freedom as the last word of the slogans on the layout which also is the name of the newspaper "freedom" (Hurriyet) itself.
It is, unfortunately a common practice in families to have underage girls married off in the underdeveloped part of Turkey. As one of the most publically known defenders of freedom in Turkey, the newspaper Hurriyet, we wanted to communicate with people who think this is wrong and has to change and decided to use a picture of underage in a bridal veil with the main message of the campaign: I can change my fate before it's too late. It is my "freedom".
I can protest how ever I want. It is my "freedom". This version aimed to communicate with young people who occupied Taksim Square in Istanbul against the Turkish government during the "Gezi Park Protests" in 2013. The performance artist, Erdem Gündüz, in the poster above was one specific protester who started a movement during the events by just standing still at the middle of the square for one full day, spreading the form of the protest to hundreds of others, which later became a piece of big news across Europe. We envisioned to use his image for the campaign since he became an iconic face during the events. 
Teaser poster campaign for the 42 Maslak Office and Residence Project in Istanbul that consists of two towers out of 42 levels each, announcing that the constriction has started and open for investments. 
"BMW drive-in theatre" (BMW Açıkhava Sineması)
Press and online campaign for an exclusive credit card that provides bonuses, discounts for purchases through hi-end brands, superior services and flight miles.
"All the colors and tastes are in YKM"
"All the colors and tastes are in YKM"
"Shine your style at YKM". A conceptual campaign proposal for one of the most common department stores in Turkey, YKM's spring & summer collection. I created these conceptual posters in two days' time  entirely from scratch only on Photoshop and Illustrator, depicting the visual idea of neon lights, conveying the messagings of the campaign.
"Art is a voyage to yourself.". A conceptual poster design for the Museum of Modern Art Istanbul.
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