1 42 Maslak is a high-quality working and living
   environment situated in the financial district, Maslak.
   It contains two 42-storey towers (total height of 150m),
   a 5-star hotel, 42 residential units, 57,000m²
   "A++" office units, plus shopping, 
swimming, and
   other social facilities.
2 Its concept “Artful Living” which we came up with
   differentiates the complex from other conventional
   projects in the industry advocating art and architecture.

3 Artfulliving.com.tr became a well-regarded art news
   portal in Turkish contemporary art society in a year.
Copywriter: Cagri Uluc Kabatas, Evren Dograr
Concept, Typography: Kaan Beyhan
Art Director: Kaan Beyhan

Creative Director: Ilkay Gurpinar
Brand Team: Seda Seker, Güler Balta
Client: 42 Maslak Apartments, Bay Construction
Photography: Emre Guven, P Block Photo Production
Agency: TBWA Istanbul

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