Designing the main poster for the first Istanbul Design Biennale was an impactful privilege for my career. 
As Istanbul harbors some of the greatest historical, cultural and city planning intricacies in the world, the theme "Imperfection" was chosen purposefully by the biennale's curators. The goal on its poster was to announce the event and the theme Imperfection as loud and clear as possible, which also required another solution for carrying the message on various mediums with a modular system, so it would allow us to recreate the same artwork for any aspect ratio, quickly. In the end of a long process, I came up with the solution below and everybody agreed
The video below shows the design process I went through creating this poster. It includes more than a hundred iterations and various design concepts, like using celebrity impersonators from casting agencies around Istanbul as the imperfect subjects on the poster, or creating the typography out of 3D materials that are commonly used in design objects. 

Exhibition posters

I also created posters for the two main subdivisions that exhibited design pieces from the participants based on the two additional themes that were expositions of imperfection: Adhocracy and Musibet (Calamity), aiming to underprop the overarching question "Imperfection" in relation to the irregular city planning history of Istanbul and the impacts to its residents.

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