Ojo, product & brand design
Ojo is a mobile bike sharing company that simplifies the bike booking process for busy urban people. I completed this project as a seven-day design challenge, which included coming up with the company name, designing a brand identity, creating a web landing page, and designing the booking experience on a mobile app.
Green To Go
Green To Go is a web and mobile app that delivers cannabis products at the buyers' location, providing the orders from nearby dispensaries. Using existing photography, I was responsible for the iconography, typography, brand identity (including the logo animation), and the entire user interface of the app and ​website. It was one of the smallest but most efficient teams I've ever worked with.
Tesla, Global Email Guidelines
Tesla, Various Web Pages
Tesla Solar Roof, Product & Configurator Page
Pixel letters
Pixeletter was my college graduation project. It is a text 'limning generator' that combines text input with images, by perceiving each letter as a pixel in the picture. It treats the letters as pixels, so as the amount of the text input increases, so do the amount of pixels, and the details in the overall image increase. The text can be any length, and the details of the image continue increasing infinitely as more text is added. The generator uses an algorithm that perceives the characters with vertically sliced invisible segments. In order to encapsulate each character into a pixel container, it adds a certain number of predetermined segments on the left and right sides of the vector character. The number of segments is given based on the optical shape of the character. For example, due to the pyramidal shape of the letter A, it gets the least number of segments while the letter "I" gets more segments due to its solid rectangular shape so it is surrounded by enough space to be perceived as the letter "I", optically. In order to illustrate this system, I applied it to two of the most commonly found fonts, Helvetica and Times New Roman. To illustrate the algorithm's adaptability to any font, I designed a new character set for this project named “Pixelized". I also designed wireframes for an interface that allowed the user to input text, upload images, and transform the composition with some Photoshop-like capabilities. In the end, I finally created a prototype of the software that only worked with mono-space fonts, which can be seen in a demonstration at the bottom of the page.
Tesla Price Calculator UI
Tesla, Social Media
Jirav is a financial planning and analytics app works through cloud. It connects your operational and financial data to let you easily explore historical operations and accurately forecast your bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows. I was asked to design Jirav's brand identity and its holistic online presence. I had a great chance to tackle with all of the aspects of the project, including the brand identity, web site illustrations, iconography, layout, and typography.
GigSurf is a community that gives paid side gigs to kitchen and hospitality professionals. GigSurf procures personality-matched staff (like Match.com) with the instancy of Uber for business and residential events. Without a middle man or staffing agency to rely on, GigSurfers make double their normal income by being connected directly to work providers. As the UI Designer & Art Director of the project, I was asked to be involved in all of the aspects of creating the product, including brand identity, iconography, page navigations, and overall look, working with the CEO, and within the few weeks of a timeframe, we finalized it as seen below.
Jingle Jackson
Jingle Jackson is a leading music production company which has a music expertise on TV commercials, radio advertisements and other advertising mediums. The company makes use of Michael Jackson's legacy on their name claiming the best one at its field. I designed on their brand identity needs including logotype. The one in use here is one of the five other options that I suggested.
Any Perk Interactive E-Book
An interactive e-book for Any Perk which works on providing incentive bonuses for any company's employees to be circulated among their clients.
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