Photographers: Cemal Emden, Mustafa Nurdogdu, Fırat Çaglar Kilic
Executive Editor: Ilkay Gürpinar
Design, Art Direction: Kaan Beyhan
Typography: Kaan Beyhan
Copywriter: Evren Dograr
Reduction: Zafer Bilgen, Hüseyin Alemdar
Content Management: M. Cem Topçuoglu, Dilek Uçarli, Ekin Kutevu, Tarçin Köprülü
Print Production: Hakan Tahan, Mücella Saymaz, Senem Kizgin, Hakan Gülsoy

Another part of the book project was the above time-lapse video of our office, My role on this was directing the film and designing the choreography of the camera, including determining distribution of the people in it. We had to shoot many different angles and sequences for the best video possible, and this simple looking video about took about a week to finalize, since each sequence needed to cover one entire day. 
Creative Director: Ilkay Gürpinar
Art Direction: Kaan Beyhan
Camera / Photography: Övünç Hitay
Prior to the book design, we created the large neon sign out of our favorite Turkish proverb for out pre-production meeting room: The statement says “Science (ilim) is the only mentor in life" (Hayatta en hakiki mürşit ilimdir), but  we swapped the word “ilim” with “film” (kudos to my Creative Director Ilkay for the idea); now it means “Film is the only mentor in life”. This four meters long (14 ft) neon typography was hung across the wall of the Pre-Production Meeting Room in which we'd meet with our clients to discussing our progress on our video commercial projects. The typography of the neon sign was one of the most fun projects I created there.
Copywriter / Creative Director: Ilkay Gürpinar
Typography / Art Direction: Kaan Beyhan
Production: Hakan Gülsoy
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