I art directed BMW's first photoshoot in Turkey since they started operating in the country early 1980's. After having success in sales figures for several years in a row, BMW Global decided to create a "locally" freshened look for the facelift models: 1 Series and 5 Series "Silver-Edition." The task was to incorporate Istanbul's unique backplate into the campaign, glamorizing the Spring Campaign "MayFest".
In addition to coming up with the creative campaign, my role on the shoot was to hire the right transportation photographer within the budget and to direct the shooting the site, as well as to lead the postproduction. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions (as it is on the snapshots below), we first shot the car outdoor and did a studio shooting, merging the shots in the postproduction, so we had a better room to perfect the imagery. 
From finding the photographer to presenting the final work, the entire process took around three weeks.
BMW Turkey's Afters Sales department decided to launch a new campaign announcing the price reduction on spare parts. 
After we pitched our ideas—including the one below that my copywriter and I came up with—I was also responsible for executing the work.
Prior to the shoot, we first maximized the ideas on the combinations of various “charming spare parts” and beautiful models having them use the spare parts as their daily routine accessories. Then we could minimize the number of the ideas to three heroes through the preproduction meetings based upon whether they are practicable.
We already had the exact lighting and the emotion of the color scheme in mind. Then the only job left was finding the suitable photographer and models within the least budget. So our production department helped us find the most "charming" models and the photographer asking my consideration on each step and the photographer Tolga Turk executed the shoot. 
It was one of the projects we all really enjoyed.
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