Green To Go
Green To Go is a web/mobile app which delivers the best cannabis products to the buyers' address providing their orders from the nearby dispensers. The design problem was unique due to the brand-new industry that did not have many other competitors or pioneers at the time. I was unable to find any existing examples in the market to be inspired by. I started out with asking opinions of my UX designer friend Ajin Shewki. With some more research and several weeks of hard work, I was able to deliver the project on time. After the presentation, my client decided not to proceed with the name "Green To Go" along with switching the entire brand strategy, so we shelved the project. Though, it was a great experience that I could evaluate this unique problem. I enjoyed exploring new challenges within a new-born industry, discovering varied typography approaches for the brand identity and especially creating the iconography.
Jingle Jackson
Jingle Jackson is a leading music production company which has a music expertise on TV commercials, radio advertisements and other advertising mediums. The company makes use of Michael Jackson's legacy on their name claiming the best one at its field. I designed on their brand identity needs including logotype. The one in use here is one of the five other options that I suggested.
GigSurf is a community that gives paid side gigs to kitchen and hospitality professionals. GigSurf procures personality-matched staff (like with the instancy of Uber for business and residential events. Without a middle man or staffing agency to rely on, GigSurfers make double their normal income by being connected directly to work providers.
Palladium Tower Ads
Press campaign for an office building targeted domestic and foreign investors. The campaign aimed to announce that the construction had launched.
Jirav is a financial planning and analytics app works through cloud. It connects your operational and financial data to let you easily explore historical operations and accurately forecast your bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows. So you know the state of your business finances in real-time to make better and faster decisions. I was asked to design its brand identity and prepare the web s
Some of corporate identity design works from 2006 to 2013.
Wine Bottle Suggestions
MAGMA, VENÜS, İZ* Bottle designs with label name proposals for a local wine manufacturer in Denizli (western Turkey). The exclusive grapes are known as "Çalkarası" are harvested around the unique volcanic mountain and vinified locally based. * İz; means ‘trace’ in Turkish.
Artful Living. 42 Maslak's concept.
In the beginning there was an invitation for launching assembly of the project designed with artistic illustrations. After I’ve designed the invitation, our strategy team and us determined the strategy of 42 Maslak: Artful Living. After the decision we created everything about the campaign as stick to the concept. 3rd prize at Global TBWA Disruption Awards.
Glyph pixels
One of my school projects from university. Here is a text 'limning generator' that combined by using variable text's length, color and picture. You can install an image and a typeface whatever you want. In the process of image formation through the generator, you can use as long as possible length of any text. The generator intervenes in the picture by using a developed type-casting algorithm. Accordingly, the length of the text and the 'resolution' is directly proportional. You can increase the sharpness detail by extending the text until become unreadable. At limn generating phase are plurality of used in functional variables.
T-Shirt and notebook design that refer to countries’ political reputation and how were they known. ★ Best Tshirt Design Awarded by Professional Association of Turkish Graphic Designers
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