The first Istanbul Design Biennial's Poster

Designing the first International Istanbul Design Biennial’s poster is one of the works I am most proud of. The theme of the biennial was “Imperfection”. After multiple controversial pitches we were unable to agree on a work with the biennial’s committee & curator. Ultimately my executives decided to have me undertake the entire project. The goal was designing a poster as loud and clear as possible without being cluttered. Since it was a biennial where tons of artwork and design pieces were exhibited, it was supposed to be a very absolute and stripped-down design. The best way I could do this was to eliminate unnecessary colors. It became a black/white poster with the biennial’s own color “orange”. The other crucial point was finding a way to solve the problem of how “design” and the “intricate structure of Istanbul” could be merged and visualized on this poster. After working on an expansive variety of options and playing with the typography (İstanbul Tasarım Bienali - Istanbul Design Biennial) for a considerable amount of time, I was able to attain the work below which was also accoladed in variety of platforms. Finally, the artwork below was approved along with other options I designed. It was published and used country-wide. It was also featured in major cities in Europe. After all the presentation and implementation processes, I realized that I designed over two hundred drafts to reach the best result and I decided to make a video illustrating the design process I had gone through. Please also see the video below.

Subdivision posters

The biennial had two main subdivisions
that ordered design pieces from
the participants based on the sub-themes
Adhocracy and Musibet (Calamity) aiming
to underprop the overarching question
"Imperfection" in relation to the irregular
city planning history of Istanbul and

the impacts to its residents.
Stencil drafts
A Piece of Peace T-Shirts
Some of selected posters.
Selpak Paper Towels
Jingle Jackson
Any Perk Interactive E-Book
Art Direction in Photo Shoots
BMW After Sales
Palladium Tower Ads
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